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God's Tithe to Ministry Workers

Everyone who works in ministry can relate to that feeling of, "Is this doing any good?" There has always been a certain measure of this in my ministry, but as my wife and I have embraced praying with people more regularly, that feeling has been amplified. After all, we are praying boldly and asking God to do big things. Oftentimes He does right then and there, especially in the area of spiritual healing. But more often we receive a polite and sincere thanks and go our separate ways, being left with that lingering question, "Did it work?"

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Less Explaining, More Exploring

As St. John recounts his first meeting with Jesus, it is a day he remembers right down to the very hour it happened ("four in the afternoon").  John the Baptist had just pointed out Jesus as the "Lamb of God."  St. John and Andrew approach Jesus and ask him, "Rabbi, where are you staying?"  The scene could have ended very quickly if Jesus had said, "I'm heading over to Galilee," and left it at that.  But instead, Jesus said, "Come and see," and invited Andrew and John into the adventure of a lifetime.

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