Catholic Revival Ministries exists to empower Catholic ministry leaders, to equip Catholic churches and communities with evangelistic strategies, and to fuel a culture of revival through transformational experiences (worship events, conferences, retreats, and workshops).

The driving vision behind Catholic Revival is the conviction that the truth of the Gospel is not merely a set of propositions to be believed but a reality to be experienced. When we lose touch with this reality, we are in danger of becoming those Paul warned Timothy against, who held to the form of godliness but denied its power (2 Timothy 3:5).  Revival occurs when the power of God is restored to the everyday experience of Christian believers. This power is experienced in transformational personal encounters with the Living God, and the fruit that it produces is authentic spiritual freedom, a hunger for worship and communion with the Lord, and empowerment to live a supernatural lifestyle through the exercise of spiritual gifts.



Jim Schuster has worked in full-time parish ministry since 2008. He has an MA in Systematic Theology from Mount St. Mary's Seminary.

It was in college that I was first introduced to the idea that, through our union with Christ, we become "partakers in the divine nature" (2 Peter 1:4). This was an astonishing revelation to me, and as I look back now I can recognize that this revelation set me on a course where I have been attempting to draw out the implications of this reality ever since. If I truly have God living inside of me, this has to mean something to the way I experience life and the world - there should be supernatural evidence of this supernatural reality. Catholic Revival is, in many ways, the result and continuation of this personal journey.