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Explorations in Worship

The experience of communal worship has become an increasingly integral part of our approach to ministry in the last couple of years. We have found this to be a powerful way of teaching people how to pray, and of providing a space for them to encounter the Lord in a personal way.This summer we held a six-week series that we called Worship Nights. Having wrapped up that event, I wanted to take a look back and share some reflections on the fruits that came from it.

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God's Tithe to Ministry Workers

Everyone who works in ministry can relate to that feeling of, "Is this doing any good?" There has always been a certain measure of this in my ministry, but as my wife and I have embraced praying with people more regularly, that feeling has been amplified. After all, we are praying boldly and asking God to do big things. Oftentimes He does right then and there, especially in the area of spiritual healing. But more often we receive a polite and sincere thanks and go our separate ways, being left with that lingering question, "Did it work?"

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Looking for a Dead Jesus

A major theme in my newly developing vision for ministry is to carry an expectation that God will move in visible and powerful ways, and to invite that movement of God. My own faith was strengthened recently in seeing people receive physical healing, emotional healing, spiritual gifting, and personal words from God in prayer. As I witness more of this, I think, "Man, this is exciting stuff!" This is very quickly followed by, "Why don't we see more of this?" As I pondered this latter question, the story of Mary Magdalene in John 20 came to mind.

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