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Against the Charge of Evangelical "Emotionalism"

Catholic culture leans heavily towards traditionally left-brain traits that value fact, analysis, and structure. By contrast, large segments of the Evangelical world that have embraced more right-brain, relational approaches to ministry are seeing significantly better results in the areas of evangelism and discipleship. Despite the evidence, many Catholics remain resistant to the idea of adopting Evangelical approaches or learning from their methods.

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Talk: Inviting the Act of Faith

I was honored recently to be invited by the Youth Apostles community to speak at one of their regular formation nights.  The invitation was extended based on a series of posts I wrote on Inviting the Act of Faith, which was an exploration on my part of how we can invite people to make an explicit decision for Christ in a Catholic context.  The talk I presented, which can be viewed on Youtube below, was a summary of that series with practical pointers for how to put it into practice. 

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Less Explaining, More Exploring

As St. John recounts his first meeting with Jesus, it is a day he remembers right down to the very hour it happened ("four in the afternoon").  John the Baptist had just pointed out Jesus as the "Lamb of God."  St. John and Andrew approach Jesus and ask him, "Rabbi, where are you staying?"  The scene could have ended very quickly if Jesus had said, "I'm heading over to Galilee," and left it at that.  But instead, Jesus said, "Come and see," and invited Andrew and John into the adventure of a lifetime.

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