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The privilege of worship is God’s greatest gift to the human race. It is what will occupy us and delight us for all of eternity in heaven. In our earthly sojourn, it grounds us in deepest reality and fuels our everyday life with meaning and purpose.

In this series of 6 talks, we unpack various facets of worship and what it looks like to participate in each. Each talk ends with a live recording of music-led worship, to demonstrate and create space for exploring (and even experimenting with) these different types of engagement.


course overview:

  • 6 audio teachings (15-30 minutes each):

    • Worship as Alignment

    • Worship as Listening

    • Worship as Soaking

    • Worship as Warfare

    • Spontaneous Worship

    • The Glory of God


Upon purchasing, you will receive a link to download a zip file containing these 6 audio recordings. If you purchase the full course, you will also receive reflection/discussion guides and a curated playlist of recommended worship songs to accompany each talk.



$15 for audio files only
(6 audio teachings)

Keeping it simple? Download just the audio teachings for the Worship course!

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FULL course

$40 for complete course
(6 audio teachings + 6 reflection/discussion guides + 6 music playlists)

Want a greater immersion experience? The full Worship course includes a link to download the 6 audio teachings, plus access to an online classroom portal that contains additional participation material. For each teaching, there is an accompanying downloadable guide that can be used for reflection or group discussion, as well as a curated YouTube playlist of worship songs that foster engagement in the aspect covered in that teaching. For groups exploring this topic together, we’ve also included an instructional sheet to help walk you through facilitating the optimal group experience. Whether you’re diving in individually or as a group, our aim is to help you not just learn about worship, but engage in worship at even greater depths than before.

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