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Contempt: The Covenant-Breaker

In my last post, I talked about developing a covenant mentality towards all, one where we more and more reflect the nature of a God who has the unique capacity to maintain actual covenant with an unlimited number of beings. But it's difficult to get a handle on what a covenant mentality really looks like in practice. If it's not going to be a vague, general sense of well-wishing for others we have to put a little more definition to it.

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Covenant Mentality

The heart of covenant is commitment to a person. It means favoring one person over another in a way that is perfectly acceptable and good. A father favors his own children over others' children in the investment of his time, attention, and resources. A husband likewise favors the relationship with his wife over other, secondary commitments. This favoring is necessary because of the limitations of our humanity.

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Love Is More Than Sacrifice

"The essence of love is sacrifice." When I read these words some time ago, something in me recoiled. It was a blog post from a Christian author and had all the best intentions. But it was a lie, and one that I have seen repeated over and over again by well-meaning Christian authors. The falsehood of this statement is unmasked easily through the observation that, if sacrifice (read: "suffering willingly accepted") really is the essence of love, then there can be no love in heaven. And there can be no love within the Trinity.

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