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The Full Gospel of Jesus

Lunch with a friend changed everything for me. Ever since, the Kingdom has become the singular focus of attention for me. It has shifted the way I think about my relationship with God, the way I pray, the way I make decisions, and the way I approach ministry. If you are at all plugged in with the broader currents of Christianity in the U.S. (even if it's just the latest worship music) you have likely noticed an up-tick in how frequently the word "Kingdom" shows up. It's not a fad, it's what Jesus proclaimed. It's a big deal.

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Love Is More Than Sacrifice

"The essence of love is sacrifice." When I read these words some time ago, something in me recoiled. It was a blog post from a Christian author and had all the best intentions. But it was a lie, and one that I have seen repeated over and over again by well-meaning Christian authors. The falsehood of this statement is unmasked easily through the observation that, if sacrifice (read: "suffering willingly accepted") really is the essence of love, then there can be no love in heaven. And there can be no love within the Trinity.

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