Learning God's Character

One of the great lessons of my marriage so far has been that my impressions do not always reflect reality. Sometimes I get the sense that my wife is upset with me, but a quick conversation with her reveals that I have simply been misinterpreting her actions or attitudes. For instance, if she is short or impatient with me, oftentimes it has nothing to do with me at all, and a quick little message is all that is needed to clarify the situation. Whenever we interact with others through relationship, it is normal that we form certain impressions about their character, how they think and act, based on our experience. The same goes for what we believe about God's character. Our life experiences shape what we believe about Him. Sometimes these beliefs are accurate, but sometimes we start believing something about God's character that simply isn't true. Learning the truth about God's character is therefore critical to accurately interpreting our circumstances, especially hardship, rather than letting our circumstances dictate what we believe about God's character.

Jim SchusterJim Schuster